Thursday, April 21, 2016

Final Make

One of my inquiry questions for ED 677 was how to encourage my students to communicate with other learners and Arabic language speakers in the school, the district, the city, the country, and all around the world. After spending some time learning about the connected learning and equity, I am going to add to it how can I create the openly networked environment in my classroom?

I like the idea of small moves. In my opinion, small moves are more effective and successful for the far future than the big sudden steps.

My role this semester was to convince my students to agree with me on the importance of being openly networked. As a first small step, I encouraged them to be more open to each other in and out the classroom by collaborating together and sharing their work with each other more than before. The best time to implement the openly networked design principal in greater depth was their final cultural project, which will be my final make for this course.

The cultural final project is not a new project to my students. They had  similar ones before, which were a lot of fun with a lot of knowledge. The way of working on the project this time is new to them, which I am going to explain in my final make.

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