Sunday, April 10, 2016

Peer-to-Peer Learning

-What way the process of Google sheet peer-learning does it support my learning?
The idea of Google sheet peer-learning is great for me. By reading the inquiry questions and the answers of all participants, I got some ideas to implement in my classroom. Replying to my inquiry question was the most helpful to me, thank you to all, and a special thank to Shayla who made me find what I am looking for. The online conversation made me feel that I am more in a real classroom even though I didn't have a face-to-face meeting with my peers, and all of us were working asynchronously.

- How being more openly networked does support my interests and my small moves?
Since I began the program at Arcadia, I have been taking on-line courses. Being openly networked helped me in my personal and professional life. For ED 677, sharing and reading the find 5, 6, or 7, and the blogs in addition to what Christina offered us provided a lot of information. I took the action of many small moves in my classroom this semester. I began preparing my students to be openly networked by encouraging them to share their work with classmates and others greater than before. I also encouraged them to be more collaborative than before. For my personal life, due to the encouragement of Ryan, and after his post about participating, I persist going to gym nowadays. 

- What about production and shared purpose have been important in learning from peers?
Connected learning environments are designed in a way to provide tools and opportunities for learners to produce, circulate, and connect on media. They are also designed for peers who share interests and contribute to a common purpose. In ED677, we are all producing, circulating, and connected by posting our blogs. We all have the goal of implementing the connected learning principles in our teaching. For me personally, I have been interested in many finds and posts which have inspired and helped me at work.

- What are the implications of connected learning and equity for the learners I serve?
By implementing the connected learning elements in my teaching, my students are more motivated, creative, and engaged in collaborative work through reflection and dialogue, they have the sense of sharing responsibilities with their peers, and are more connected to the real world and ready to face the future life.

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