Thursday, February 4, 2016

Week #3 Find 5 Friday

1- Happi's story about her jewelry making is interesting. It is great that she wants to expose her students to as much as possible, and encourages them to face challenges. I despise the expression "I can't"  and always tell my students to steer clear of that phrase.

2- I had to sign up for Tumblr to be able to read Khalilah's blog. Her post Interest as a Young Student is a great example on how we should encourage and mentor our students to lead a successful life.

3- The following is an informative webinar about social-emotional literacies and digital citizenship. I found this series very useful for my research.

4- I signed up for Education Week news. I recommend you do it too.

5- I enjoyed watching Rocks! Thorns! Glass!. You are welcome to watch it as well.

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